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A Week with the GeeksPhone Keon

When I got the GeeksPhone Keon, I immediately thought that the best way to write a review is to make it my primary phone for a week. There are clear benefits to this approach: having a more exclusive (and intimate use) would surface the good and bad

Geeksphone Firefox OS Phones Finally Shipping?

Amidst the excitement around the official Firefox OS announcements earlier this year, there was also some buzz about the Geeksphone Firefox OS development phones. However, ask anyone if they have gotten hold of a mass-produced device, and you’ll probably going to get a blank stare– Geeksphone has

Mozilla Community at MWC

One truly remarkable thing about the the Firefox OS launch at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is that Mozilla is getting a lot of help form the community. Whether it’s in the floor or in social media, supporters from all over the world are rallying behind on

Firefox OS Going Global Sooner Than Expected

I blogged two months ago about the possibility that Firefox OS was rumored to go beyond the initial South America market launch this year. A press release from Mozilla confirms that the first wave of devices will be released in South America and Europe as well. According

Just In: Firefox OS Branding at MWC will feature Flames and Fire

I was able to take a peek into the plans of the upcoming Firefox OS launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it looks very sleek and fiery. While I am not able to post photos of the branding elements or graphics, I can say

Focus: Firefox OS App Day in Manila

One of the very notable Firefox OS App Day held last month was in Manila, Philippines. Organized by the very active Mozilla Reps and the Mozilla Philippines (MozillaPH) Community, the event was held at the Alphaland Southgate Tower. The community was also able to partner with Globe

Focus: Firefox OS App Day in Toronto

Web and app developers trooped to the Mozilla Toronto office last January 26 for the Firefox OS App Day. The event was one of over 20 Firefox OS App Day developer events that happened all over the globe on the same day. The day started early for

Firefox OS App Days All Over the Globe

From Manila to London, a lot Firefox OS App Days are kicking off today, January 26, 2013. Firefox OS App days are community events to guide existing web and app developers how to turn apps they are already familiar with into full-fledged Firefox OS apps. Some events

Meet Keon and Peak: Firefox OS Dev Phones!

Spain-based Geeksphone announced two Firefox OS-powered phones for developers. Dubbed “Developer Preview” phones, the two models are meant to give developers another way to explore Firefox OS and create apps for the soon-to-be-launched mobile operating system. These phones will be launched in February. The models are named

Official Firefox OS Brand to be Unveiled in Mobile World Congress 2013?

There are swirling around that Mozilla will be launching the official brand for Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Bacelona. As of now, Firefox OS has very little branding, with the logo still even absent in communications and websites. A look at the Mozilla

Firefox OS & Microsoft: No Way

I’ve chanced upon some blog posts about the perfect HTML5 storm that a Mozilla-Microsoft alliance would create with Firefox OS. Here are those blog posts: Firefox OS: The Future of Microsoft’s Mobile Ambition? Third Way: What If Microsoft Threw Its Weight Behind Mozilla’s Firefox OS? Should Microsoft

A Firefox OS Phone Outside of South America in 2013?

It’s pretty much set that Mozilla will be releasing the very first Firefox OS-powered mobile phone in Brazil this year, but a Firefox OS phone on the other side of the globe? ZTE US CEO Cheng LIxin has shared to Bloomberg that Europe, and even the US

The Reviews Are In: Firefox OS at CES 2013

Several tech blogs and newspapers have covered Firefox OS at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and here’s a quick round-up of notable posts and articles: CNET: Firefox OS finds a new way to app: Mozilla’s lofty goal of an open-source mobile operating system certainly

Firefox OS UI Looking More Awesome

Firefox OS user interface (UI) screenshots are looking more and more crisp with every iteration. And this is good news for the folks who would be getting the phone next year.

Firefox OS App Days Open for Sign-ups Worldwide

Firefox OS App Days, events where app and web developers will learn to create and hack apps for Firefox OS, have opened registrations globally.

Firefox OS Highlighted in Mozilla’s 2012 Yearender

Mozilla recently published an infographic that shows the year’s highlights and Firefox OS was one of the key items.

Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 Released

The good folks at Mozilla Hacks have shipped version 1.0 of the nifty Firefox OS Simulator, a good way for developers to start hacking for Firefox OS.

Greek Devs Host First Firefox OS Apps Day

Mozilla Reps from Athens hosted the first of many Firefox OS Apps Days at the Athens Hackerspace last December 8, 2012.